There is a great story told about a football coach describing for his recruiter the type of football player the coach wants to recruit. The coach said there are three types of players. The first is the one who gets knocked down and does not get back up. The recruiter affirmed, “that is not the player we want to recruit.” The coach said there is a second player who gets knocked down and he gets back up. He gets knocked down again and he gets back up again. The recruiter enthusiastically says, “that is the kind of player we want to recruit!” The coach scolds his recruiter saying, “I want to recruit the player who keeps knocking all those players down.”

Resilience is the quality that allows some people to be knocked down by the adversities of life and come back stronger than before. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and overcome the challenges that could derail their efforts. Resilience is a secret reservoir of strength some people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through difficulty and challenges without falling apart.

In God’s economy there is a spiritual resilience that pastors and church leaders need in order to lead through the challenges of church life and ministry.

In the Corpus Leader Resilience Model there are three component parts to developing the spiritual resilience necessary to lead through times of change and challenge. They are: 1. Spiritual Vitality, 2. Relational Tenacity, and 3. Personal Stability.

These three categories are developed using the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23. Grouping the nine Fruits of the Spirit into three categories (relationship with God, relationship with others, and relationship with self) highlight the multidimensional approach to God developing resilience within His people.

The Corpus team refers to Love, Joy, and Peace in terms of Spiritual Vitality. This category and the three associated human experiences within this category seek to establish a believer, a leader, a pastor in the love, joy and peace that can only be found in having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. When the spiritual relationship with God is strong, stable, and filled with life and vitality then resilience grows exponentially.

The next set of the Fruit of the Spirit is related to Relational Tenacity. The fruits associated with relational tenacity include joy, kindness and gentleness. These fruits help pastors, church leaders, and Christians win with people. Giving God room to work, being kind in attitude and action, and treating people fair and having good motives are all required to win spiritual with those we have relationships with.

The finally set of the Fruit of the Spirit is Personal Stability. When under pressure many non-resilient people self-destruct. But the person who exhibits faithfulness, gentleness and self-control has the ability to remain calm under extreme pressure in order to come through the challenges they face undeterred.

The world is a challenging place and ministry is a challenging calling. If you can learn how to cultivate your level of resilience you will not just get back up again when you get knocked down, but you will start knocking down the challenges you face and overcoming the obstacles before you! You will bear much fruit!

Knowing resilience is the number one need for church leaders in a post-Covid world, our Corpus team is active certifying coaches with the Leader Resilience Assessment and Coaching Certification tool. We are also hosting one day workshops to help train and bless pastors and church leaders struggling with the challenges of leading in the current climate. Leave a comment, ask a question below or contact our team directly or through our website and someone from our team will respond to you.

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